Friday, 24 February 2012

The Truth is Always Brave

The topic at hand for today is "The Truth".

Does it speak up for itself?  When falsehood is present does it point that that falsehood out?  Can it remain silent in the presence of lies?

Answer: The Truth is Always Brave. 

The truth does not hide, but like a city on top of a hill - it cannot be hid.  The truth is not afraid.  The truth is not timid.  The truth does not apologize.  The truth does not compromise.  Why? 

Because it is the truth. 

It can stand amidst threats.  It can endure against slander.  It always shows itself true in the end.

Death could not even hold Christ in the grave, because the truth lives.  So regardless of what situation you are in, regardless of how afraid you might be, regardless of what may come against you - speak the truth in a loving way, because the truth is always brave.

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