Wednesday, 2 July 2014

How does the Church Year work?

The Church Year is alive, because it is all about Jesus.  His life.  His teachings. 

During the first half of the year, Christ’s earthly life long ago is made real for believers in the present.  It is delivered to them.  Experienced by them.  Imputed to them.  Christmas – new birth in Christ.  Easter – death to sin and new life to God in Christ.  Ascension – returning to God in Christ.

Then, the rest of the year focuses on discipleship – the new life in Christ in which we are living and growing on account of His life.
First - His life (Advent to Easter) - then His teachings (Pentecost).
God keeps believers in His Word (Jesus), and His Word in believers - through the Church Year.  It is how Christians celebrate God’s redemption, from beginning to end and back to beginning again.  All that Jesus did, and all that Jesus said form our new life.  They form our growing.  They form our year.

So when you head to church each week – take notice of where in Christ’s life and teachings you are – take notice of how God is keeping you in His Son.

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