Tuesday, 17 June 2014

How is being alive like being in a courtroom?


How do you get away from it?

Everything you ever do - or don't do - is being evaluated by everyone around you.  Every word about you that comes out of someone's mouth is a judgment about who you are.

"Thank you.  You are kind" - JUDGMENT

"Excuse me, you just cut in front of me." - JUDGMENT

"Why didn't you call me?" - JUDGMENT

Your life is a courtroom.  A fish bowl - and there is nothing you can do to escape it.  Life is forensic.  Being alive is judicial.  Your mere existence requires defining word to be spoken about you - concerning you - upon you.

Think about it.  You are walking down the street.  You pass another person.  Do you say hi?  Do you ignore them?  Do you smile? 

And what about them?  Did they acknowledge your existence - or are you less than human to them?  Did they smile?  Wish you a good day?  You are on the stand - in the courtroom - every breath you take.

So what are you going to do?

Most people surround themselves with people who will tell them what they want to hear (what their itching ears want to hear).  Most people look for "friends" that will justify their every action.  "Oh yeah - you totally did the right thing."  And - "what was she thinking doing that to you, you should be offended."

Mankind is frantically trying to justify himself - to have people declare that what he has done is right.  But we all know it isn't.  We keep changing the rules.  We keep lowering the bar so that we can justify ourselves - and then we point our fingers at everyone else who doesn't do the same. 

The most judgmental people in the world are those trying to justify themselves.

Then there is the Gospel.  God's Word in the matter.  Since everyone is going to make their judgments God is going to issue one as well.

You are justified - in Christ. 

This is His Final Word on the subject.  Stop listening to all the judgments about you - don't believe them - believe Me.  I declare you to be righteous - not on account of your actions, or your words, or your thoughts - but on account of Christ.

Life is a courtroom, dear one - so listen to what the Judge says - I forgive you of all wrongdoing - I divorce your sin from you - grant you full pardon - for FREE - because I have punished Jesus in your place.

Should someone say otherwise - ignore them. 
Should someone suggest you need to justify yourself - show them Christ in whom you are justified. 

And here is the ultimate kicker....

Your Lord knows life is a courtroom.  He knows everyone - even your own self - perhaps especially your own self - are going to constantly speak words against you - either to try to make you justify yourself - or to condemn you for your unjustified thoughts, words and deeds - so He speaks His Word to you.  He sends preachers to sound His verdict to you over and over again, so that you may trust His judgment in Christ - and NOT all the others that are constantly after you.

God does not leave you alone in the courtroom - but comes to your defense moment after moment, day after day by His Word and Spirit.  The eternal decree has been spoken in heaven.  You are forgiven - and His preachers are called to speak it to you regularly that the Spirit may echo it in your conscience.

You need not fear judgment.  You need not "get away" from it.  But run to the One who has taken your punishment and freely says "You are justified in Me."  In His Holy Name, Amen.

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