Friday, 8 August 2014

Why is life so hard?

So I just got back from the splash pad with my kids and I went to wash my daughter's hands. 

Now she was having a hard time because she is only 18 months old, so in order to do it I had to take her feet and put them on the counter.  Of course, she realized she had to push up on her feet.  So she began to push - but in order for her not to fly off the counter, I had to push back against her so she could wash her hands.

And I got to thinking, the Christian life is just like this - where a little bit of pressure in the right places actually help us to recognize our need to be cleaned, and also to prepare us to be washed. 

God is working these things out as our heavenly Father.  He is pushing down on us, bringing trials or struggles into our lives at the right time so we can "wash our hands" and if He didn't do it, we would just fall off the counter.  This He does not want.

So, if you are having some sort of pressure or trial that you cannot understand or you fail to see the good in - wait on the Lord, knowing that He works everything together for good for those who put their trust in Him.

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